Enter the World of Shadenea


‘Shadenea The Fabled World’ illustrations by Enfer De Hell.

“The Fabled World” literally means that this is a world of fairytales – beautiful imaginative stories. Shadenea is an imaginary world without boundaries. The earth stretches horizontally, and the center of the light is located in the middle of the world.

At dawn, the light shines from the center and spreads to the outer parts. The atmosphere of the earth is filled with a large amount of pure energy mass, which acts like a fortress that protects this world from the outside. However, in another way, it is also no different from a constricting cage…

‘Shadenea: The Fabled World’ is a fantasy story that Enfer De Hell is currently working on, with plans to make it into a series of illustration books. We now invite you to enter into the world of Shadenea.

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Concept Art of Shadenea The Fabled World

[Painting Technique] Concept Art of Shadenea The Fabled World

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Enfer De Hell is a digital artist from Thailand, specialising in the fantasy genre. Over the past 10 years, she has produced fantasy illustrations for several publishers and had illustrated forty over fantasy novel's covers published in Thailand.